Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mermaid Merriment

Libby, daughter of Beth Pearce, and Kylie, daughter of Kea Calame, celebrated their birthday UNDER THE SEA.  Every detail was well considered creating the perfect atmosphere for mermaid merriment. 


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Mallory Drive 4th of July Parade & Dinner

We've established a routine for 4th of July that we truly enjoy.  First, is attending the Mallory Drive Celebration with the children. It includes a bicycle parade, dinner on the greens and steep slip 'n slide in the Morris' backyard. During the day on the 4th, we gather with friends at the pool for swim races and BBQ.  Last year, I took my camera to both events and snapped a ton of pics.  Posting pics of the Parade and Dinner on the Greens here:

Starting out the festivities with the Pledge of Allegiance 

Mary Anna Turner
Miliam Turner

Sam Garner

Claire Johnson and her posse

Thad, Rhett (Uncle Sam), Jamie & Baxter 

Jule & Julia Anne

Fairchild helped out by PG

Julie & Georgia
Sam Garner

Miss America Madge

Anne Hayes

The Cothrans

Mary Anna & Fairchild

The Ousleys
 A few drops of rain....
Fairchild & PG

The Palmers

Courtney & Tracey

The Sams
Thomas Clay praying for it to quit raining

Kate & Kaley



Saturday, April 21, 2012

Birthday Parties - AFP

In Selma, whether by natural inclination or need due to lack of viable alternatives, many are very adept at entertaining. I am not necessarily one of those people but I do love to be entertained. If you want someone to appreciate a good hostess, invite me - I get that it takes a lot of creativity, energy and consideration.  I will praise you and thank you for it. I have been blessed that some of my closest friends are also some of the ultimate hosts in town. I am going to do a series of several posts on  some parties I have had the pleasure of capturing digitally.

To start, birthday parties. I have pre-school age children, so birthday parties are still a big deal.  One of my favorites was Anne Frances Pearce's tennis birthday party.  Pics below...enjoy and maybe pick up a few fun ideas for you or one of your friends.

The decorations & cake....

Plenty of toppings for make your own sundaes. Two of my favorites ....

 The children had a blast....

The Birthday Girl Ann Frances with Wylie and Kylie

Water Girls - Fairchild & Kylie



John McEnroe...

aka Thomas Clay

Sarah Lloyd

Libby playing with Maggie

Madge and Fairchild on the move

Donnie keeping the troops busy

Mamas watching the fun

Singing Happy Birthday to Anne Frances